Music First Audio Reference MM Phono Amplifier

The Ear ‘Best of 2015 Product of the Year’

…. “If one is paying ‘the ultimate price’, it’s rare, in my view, that you get the ultimate performance. With the Music First you got just that. In many ways that’s a taller order than making a great budget product because the more you have to spend on R&D etc, the harder it becomes to make the product that much better. That’s what clinched it for me. In my view the Reference Phono Stage really is that good.”
Chris Beeching

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The Music First Audio reference MM phono pre-amplifier has been 10 years in the making, it is designed to give the best possible sound quality from vinyl. Used with a MF Audio step up transformer or any high end SUT the music will be so life like it will reach out and touch you. We are writing from experience having heard this phono stage in action, it really is set to become a landmark product.

Music First Audio’s new Reference MM Phono Stage is a high end, premium priced valve phono pre-amplifier. The result of years of development, it combines vacuum tube and solid state circuit topology to bring the beauty of valve sound with the long term stability that transistors afford.

The front end of the Reference MM Stage employs a very low noise pentode originally designed for the demanding European communication industry, combined with a dual triode to provide the ideal characteristics of high gain, low noise and low impedance drive.

This first stage, then drives an inductive equalisation network showcasing Music First Audio’s many years of coil winding expertise. The accurately equalised signal is then amplified and passed through Longdog Audio’s signature line driving stage. Power for the dual mono circuitry is provided by an isolated and regulated power supply which feeds, via high quality locking connectors, four discrete high voltage, low noise regulators that power the active circuitry.

The Reference Phono Stage is housed in superlative quality non-ferrous aluminium casework and is designed and built exclusively in the United Kingdom. The result is a phono pre-amplifier of exceptionally high ability, offering unparalleled transparency, harmonic accuracy and reliability.

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