The Longdog Audio PH1 Moving Magnet Phono Stage

The Longdog Audio PH1 Moving Magnet Phono Stage combines years of experience designing high end phono stages and ultra low noise replacement power supplies into a simple, affordable and no nonsense unit.

The PH1 makes use of both isolated and regulated power supply technology combined with second stage inductive filtering and third stage active regulation. High accuracy RIAA equalisation is achieved by the use of precision components throughout. There are no electrolytic capacitors in the unit, all filtering and smoothing is done using film capacitors.

The unit has very low noise and distortion, and is housed in aluminium casework, for vanishing levels of hum. High quality gold plated RCA sockets are used instead of the poor quality types normally found in products at this price point.

The PH1 is designed and built in the UK and is available now direct from us at £199.95 plus shipping.

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