LDA Linear Power Supply

There are a lot of great products on the market at the moment, the choice for DAC’s Phono Stages, Headphone amps, Turntables has never been better. However they all seem to suffer in one vital area, they come with a cheap and barley adequate power supply.

Unlike a lot of manufactures, Longdog Audio regards the power supply as the most important part of any audio component. After all, the signal that is the music you listen to starts life in the power supply. We now have a range of Linear supply’s that can power small, medium and large loads. Just about any component with a power supply that plugs into the wall socket can be made to sound better by the addition of one of our power supplies. You may find it hard to believe that something as “simple” as a power supply can make the difference it does, but just read some of the review in the press of our supplies to see what is possible.

The small and medium size supplies are designed as two stage supplies. The first stage (larger box) provides the conversion from AC to DC, this is then fed to the smaller box to provide the final filtering and regulation. This smaller box contains a Longdog Audio designed and built discrete regulator which by being as close to the load as possible can provide the quietest, stable supply to your components.

Unlike other competing two box supplies, where the second box is a simple passive filter designed to cover up the limitation of the first stage, our first stage ON ITS OWN, provides as good a supply as most of the other supplies on the market. The addition of the active second discreet regulator takes the supply into another league.

We have now supplied literally thousands of power supplies to happy customers. If you are unsure what supply is the best for your needs or just to ask what is possible, get in touch, we like talking about anything audio related.

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Linear Power Supply for NAIM Unitiserve

Linear Power Supply for Technics SL Series Turntables

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