Longdog Audio 12 Amp Power Supply For PC Audio


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Designed and built in the UK by Nick Gorham of Longdog Audio. The MCRU filtered PSU has been designed to power our music server which requires 12V DC and up to 12 amps. The design features an industrial power supply which has been extensively tweaked by Nick to improve the performance with filtering before and after so input and output are both filtered. This prevents DC being injected back into the mains supply as normally occurs with standard power supplies.

The MCRU PSU can be used for music servers and certain NAS drives depending on power requirements. We can also custom design a psu for your own equipment on request. The PSU is housed in the same design of case as our music server and is available in black or silver.

As standard the DC cable is hard wired into the unit and is terminated with an Oyaide gold plated DC plug. The image shows the power supply above our music server, the music server is not included!

MCRU have trialled this power supply with a new improved mains supply board and an optional DC blocker installed inside to further enhance performance. The dc blocker is the same design used in our Excelsior and Excelium dc blocker mains leads. If you want the best possible performance from your NAS drive or music server the up-graded PSU will be the one to choose.

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