LDA MCJ2 MC Phono Amplifier


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The latest version of the Long Dog Audio Phono Amplifier is now available for purchase, it is a no compromise build which will bring out the best in your vinyl if you are using an MC cartridge. On demonstration in our Huddersfield premises or we can travel to see any customer who would like to listen to the phono stage in their own home.

This phono amplifier negates the need for step up transformers as these bring their own problems, the Revel phono stage has been engineered to get the maximum performance from any moving coil cartridge WITHOUT the need for a SUT.

Mains Cables R Us offer a valve phono stage to accompany your turntable, manufactured to a specification like no other, incorporating valves in the design has resulted in a rather special sounding phono stage, able to work with the very best turntables and built to order with black or silver casing.

The design has been auditioned by some of the most critical audiophiles with one commenting it is as good as or better than a rival design costing much more.

Please contact us for a demonstration if you are serious about your vinyl replay. We have a demo model available for audition in your own home.

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