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The Longdog Story So Far…

Valve Regulated 300B

Power supply 1: 6080 and ecc83 as shunt regulator powering output stage

Power supply 2: Low noise solid state regulator power driver stage

Driver stage using two stages of 5687

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300b/GM70 Monoblocks

Circuit is a C3g Pentode voltage amplifier with VR tube screen regulator, then 300b driver to 1:1 amorphous interstage to GM70 grid. Output TX 7k amorphous.

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211 A2 Amp

Circuit is 6sn7 voltage gain, the el84 cathode follower direct to 211 grid, in a similar fashion to Ongaku. The A2 driver is capable of sending the grid at least 40v positive, so peak power is just above 30w.

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